How to Refresh Your Living Room

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Which room do you spend the most time in? If it’s not the kitchen, I’ll bet it’s the living room. It’s usually where we relax at the end of the day so the living room should make us feel happy and cosy, with soft fabrics, comfortable furniture and warm lighting.

After a year of gazing at the same four walls, it’s time to treat your living room (and yourself) to a happiness makeover. Here are some tips to refresh your living space.

  1. Pops of colour

We all have certain colours that make us happy and the great thing about colour is that you can use it as freely or as sparingly as you like. Brighten up a neutral living room by adding a few colourful cushions to your sofa. 

Colourful curtain and upholstery fabric on fabrics and more
Rimini Fabric,

2. Bring the outdoors in

Things that grow give a sense of life to a space, perfect for a living room. Find some plants you love and surround yourself with them. Or if your green fingers are lacking, try making your own plant-themed curtains or upholstery. 

3. Add texture

Choose your fabrics well; cotton and linen are breathable, velvet is plush, and bouclé is cosy. Mix and match different textures for a sensory experience.

4. Warm up the lighting

The lighting in a room can really set the mood. Opt for soft, low-level table lamps or uplighting with wall sconces. Even the lampshades make a difference, softening or enhancing the light. We love our Jasmine and Amanda tribal lampshades.

Table lamp with white lampshade and gold lamp base
Classic No.1 Table Lamp,

5. Make it joyful

Perhaps the most important tip – surround yourself with things that bring you joy. Whether you love nature, dogs, or the colour yellow, curate a home that reflects your taste.

Written by Chelsea Gurr

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