How to Measure for Curtains

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Curtains do much more than offer privacy; a great pair of curtains can completely transform a room or provide the finishing touch to an already exquisite interior. It’s also an easy way to add prints, texture and pops of colour to your space. But knowing which size curtains to buy is tricky, and more important than you may think. 

Here’s our guide to measuring for curtains in four easy steps.

Measure up

To start, you’ll need a ladder and measuring tape. First, find the length of your curtain pole or track. You want to avoid any gaps so add an extra 2.5 cm so your curtains overlap at the centre. If you need to fit a curtain pole, first measure the width of your window, then add 30 – 40cm. This will ensure your window is well-covered on each side. Then fix this centrally about 15cm above your window. 

Curtain drop

The drop is essentially the length of your curtains. So, next, decide where you’d like your curtains to fall. Just above the windowsill, below the windowsill, or to the floor? Above the windowsill offers a clean, contemporary feel, just remember to measure 1cm above the sill to prevent wear and tear. Floor-length curtains offer a luxurious, cosy feel, remember to measure to 1cm above the floor to avoid wear and creasing.

Pole position

Now, you’ll need to measure from your curtain pole to the drop point you decided on. Find a helper to hold the measuring tape, while you work out your curtain length. Start from the top of the pole to allow extra space for a section of fabric above and measure down to your drop point.

Sheer curtain fabric

Curtains up

It’s showtime. Fold your curtains into a wave-like / pleated shape, with every eyelet or ring lined up. Then slide onto your curtain pole, adjusting so they meet at the centre of the window when closed. Check for gaps, check the drop, and then sit back and admire your work.  

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