5 Styling and Interior Design Ideas Inspired by Nature

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The world is starting to open up and as the weather (hopefully) improves, many of us have discovered a new appreciation for the outdoors. Not only when we get outside, but also for our interior. 

Bringing the outdoors in and interior inspired by nature isn’t a new trend, we’ve been filling our homes with plants for years. But the trend is evolving (just search #earthinspiredhome), we’re now seeking an even greater connection with nature at home, far beyond potting our monstera deliciosa in a terracotta pot. The benefits go far beyond trendy too. Earth colours and textures can boost our mood and help us feel comforted, in the same way that connecting with nature helps us feel grounded. 

We’re sharing five styling and design ideas inspired by nature that you can recreate at home today.

1. Let nature inspire your interior

Take a look outside your window, what do you see? Trees? Water? Mountains? Take cues from your surroundings and use them to enhance your interior. Look for natural materials for furniture and home accessories. Wood, jute, bamboo, stone are all great options. Or, for an extra luxurious touch, alabaster. Furnishings that mimic nature work well too, like this stunning Vaughan lamp inspired by the elegant form of a flying bird. Play with shades too, because you’ll rarely find block colours in nature. For example, experiment with different shades of green to mimic a forest.

2. Bring the outdoors to your interior

Injecting a dose of greenery into your home can help to reduce stress levels, boost your mood, and even improve the air quality indoors. Introducing plants to a room is also a quick and easy way to refresh a space. But why stop there? Plant-themed prints continue to rise in popularity and luxury fabric designers have cottoned on. The palm print trend certainly seems to be here to stay and we love how this curtain fabric pulls it off so elegantly.  

3. Choose natural fabrics

Cotton and linen are wonderfully light and breathable fabrics. They also look great in the home and work for almost anything: cushions in cotton/linen mix, cotton lampshades, linen lampshades. Cotton and linen mix also works brilliantly as a material for curtains and upholstery. Plus, most linens are environmentally friendly and even washable. Shop organic fabric. 

Terra Interior Table Lamp

4. Embrace earth tones 

Earth tones are usually considered to be warming and inviting so they are ideal for rooms that are used a lot, such as living rooms and family rooms. Embrace the calming qualities of nature in your home and still be on-trend by opting for earthy tones for your walls and furnishings. Essentially, any colour found in nature is an earth tone, these could include natural greens, clean blues, soft browns, greys, terracotta, rust, and neutrals. Ochre would also be a great choice, especially as it’s on-trend right now!

5. Fill your interior with light

Natural sunlight offers countless health benefits, too many to overlook. Letting more light into your home can help to create a more positive, energetic environment. Choose light, bright and airy curtain fabric for your windows to let as much light in as possible while still offering privacy. You could also strategically place mirrors near or opposite a window to diffuse light throughout the room.

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Written by Chelsea Gurr

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